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    細胞融合--迂回融合腔--迂回融合腔(BTX Meander Fusion Chamber)454用于微生物、植物、真菌、酵母及哺乳動物細胞的細胞融合


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    The BTX Meander Fusion Chamber is a microslide with a novel designspecifically used for electro cell fusion. This chamber isconstructed of a conductive metal alloy, which has been depositedin a finger-like projection array on a glass microscope slide. Thismethod of manufacturing creates a highly precise working area. Theconfiguration is designed to give direct viewing of a surface area.This can be used for viewing dimer formation during alignment whileunder a microscope. The gaps are set at 0.2mm. 


    The Meander Fusion Chamber generates an inhomogenous field and isused for cell fusion of microorganisms, plant, fungi, yeast andmammalian cells. It is compatible with most BTX pulse generators.Cao1 used the Meander Fusion Chamber to generate quadromassecreting bifunctional antibodies. He found this method both rapidand economical to produce several quadromas in a short time. 

    Technical Specifications

    Standard Capabilities *Depending on buffer composition andgenerator capability 
    Voltage Range: 0 - 480 Vdc 
    Frequency: 1 MHz 
    Pulse Length/Time Constants Range: 1 μsec - 99 msec 
    Pulse Number Range: 1-99 (depending on voltage) 
    Operating Temperature: 5° - 40° C 
    Intended Use: Indoor Use 
    Relative Humidity: 20-80% 
    Maximum Altitude: 2000m (6562 ft) 
    Pollution Degree: II 
    Insulation Category: CAT I 
    Physical Characteristics 
    Gap size: 0.2 mm 
    Electrode Material: Silver 
    Field Type: Inhomogeneous 
    Generators: ECM? 630, 830, 2001, 200, 600, & T820. 
    Ordering Information

    Model Description Part Number 
    454 Meander Fusion Chamber, pkg. of 4 01-000098-01 
    465 Square-post Micrograbber Cable 06-700044-01 
    5343 Coaxial-Banana Connection Cable 06-700042-01 
    4001 Enhancer 400 w/ Computer & Printer 01-001483-01 


    Cao et al., A rapid non-selective method to generate quadromas bymicroelectrofusion, Journal of Immunological Methods, 187: 1-7(1995). BTX Reference ID#3194. 

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